As successor of one of the largest and most diverse coil-processing companies, VM Automotive is the first to process Aluminium 6000 & 5000 in South Africa. Our safe and stable equipment with built-in flexibility means we are able to supply almost any customer requirement, as well as the most demanding, specialised qualities and non-standard sizes. We offer processing of automotive steel & aluminium (CR, GA, PO, AL) blanking, guillotining, side trimming, trapezoidal blank and press / tool cutting requirements.

General Engineering

  • Material Automotive steel & Aluminium (CR, GA, PO, AL)
  • Coil Thickness Min. 0.5mm ~ Max. 3.2mm
  • Physical property: Tensile Strength (MPa) 200 ~ 900
  • Physical property: Yield Point (MPa) 100 ~ 590
  • Coil Inside Diameter Φ508mm & Φ610mm Std (with Teflon Spacers)
  • Coil Outside Diameter Φ800 ~Φ2,000m
  • Coil Width 380mm - Max. 1,850mm
  • Coil Weight Max. 25,000Kg
  • Strokes (SPM) 10 – 50 depending on blank size and shape
  • Side trimming Min. 10mm ~ Max. 80mm per side
  • Feed length (Pitch) 210 - 4,000mm
  • Topocrom Feeder rollers roll structuring (Quality approved rollers for Steel & Aluminium skin panels)
  • Feeding accuracy ±1.0mm
  • Oscillating Shear (Guillotining) for Cut to length & Trapezoidal blanks ±37° Max.
  • Inspection Capable of top & bottom
  • 180° Tilter for material

6000 Series Skin Panels


5000 Series Structural Panels